Our Approach

DM Engineering Provider Co., Ltd is experienced team company which was formed by great connection of firming worldwide suppliers. Our main business covers steel pipe machinery, related equipments, electric components and automation system. Beside of Steel Pipe machinery we also provide High Frequency equipment for several of dielectric heating applications.Steel Pipe Field

  • Entry Line
  • Tube Mill Line
  • Cut-Off Section
  • Heating Equipment such Welder and Seam Annealler
  • Finishing Line such end facing machine, pipe threading machine
  • Hydro tester for API, ASTM standard
  • Galvanizing Plant and Galvanize equipment such Star Wheel and Zinc Kettle
  • Automation such Forming and Sizing DC Drive Cabinet

  • HF Equipment for Dielectric Heating Application
  • Pre-Heater Melamine
  • HF Embossing Machine for Shoes Manufacturers
  • Canvas welding Machine
  • Electron Tube and HF Capacitors

  • With our 10 years experienced in steel pipe market and High Frequency machine, we are fulfilled qualification to support your needs and goal. We trust the word "Power Of Connection" and "Customers Relation Management"can bring you satisfaction.

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